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Mevik Internet Marketing Newsletter

Mevik Internet Marketing Newsletter

Finally, a content rich newsletter every month written for beginners in the internetmarketing space at a very low price!
Take advantage of this special low priced offer now! The price will go up very soon once the first 500 spots are filled up.
We are here to provide you with the best information on how to run your internet marketing business as a beginner. We will cover everything from list building, aweber, paypal, kajabi, linkbuilding, article writing, blogging, wordpress, ppc and other marketing tactics.
"Be everywhere in the online space. People usually recommend you to just do one thing in your business and focus on getting better at it while not being able to do everything, since the common saying is just that. But you should be everywhere in your online marketing, even if you just have one little piece of software or an ebook to sell."
"In making your plan to be everywhere, you just have to follow a few easy steps, get accounts at the listed sites, setup the fancy publish to all places site and connect it to the previous accounts, setup the cool and easy info system we showed you earlier, choose three of the high quality conent you got from the info system, and click publish. You are now up to date in the mind of all the people in about every social media that counts."
What can you expect of me? I now own my company, which is doing about $700.000 a year with 10 employees. I have gone through the training of Frank Kerns Mass Control / Listcontrol, Andy Jenkins Video Boss, Ed Dales Content writing program + 30 day challenge and Eben Pagens Guru Blueprint.
Bonuses inside, free PHPSnake Job search Script + some other goodies
Thats a lot of cool information I have gathered over the years, and the first time I launced a blog I got 12000 visitors the first month, doing about a $1000 a month, thats not much but as I started out as yourself that was really cool. I will reveal how I did this later on in the newsletters! So stay tuned.

If you decide to become a member today, you will get access to the very first Mevik Newsletter 25. october 2010, then it will be available every 30 days from there!